Monday, November 30, 2015

Day {three} && counting...

Today is day three.

&& let me tell you - dieting is not easy. I've been reading the old version of the Atkins diet Revolution - or shall I say the REAL version. The book that is actually written by Dr. Atkins himself. There is a ton of information in the book to get you really understanding what carbs do to your system.

They really have no healthy impact. They just cause your body harm. I actually believe this. It's the only thing keeping me going - oh, and the prospect of losing over 100 pounds.

The first day was the easiest, you know how it is. You set your mind to something and you really go after it. You will succeed && then day two hits. Day two was rough. I couldn't find anything that I wanted to eat. I was dying. I just wanted ONE slice of pizza. I actually tried making low-carb pizza. It pretty much ended up being a cheese omelette, with pizza on top. It was DISGUSTING! There are a few other recipes out there, I will try them in due time.

I'm just such a picky eater. I don't really like meat. It's weird. I also really love ketchup and BBQ sauce. I can eat low sugar ketchup - but it tastes weird.

I am still in this, but I craved sweets today. Well, anything really. My food wasn't that great today at work. However, now that I think about it - so what? I know that I ate well, and I actually feel pretty good right now. 

Oh - && I lost two pounds in the last two days. Heck Yes! I'm hoping to see another pound on the scale tomorrow. That would be awesome. Let's just get all the water weight off quickly. I know it will slow down after that - but this first phase will jumpstart me into sticking to it. I do also think my tastes will change. I have just grown up with too much bad food.

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - Atkins Milk Chocolate Shake
Snack - Cheddar Cheese and Hard Salami
Lunch - Deviled Eggs and Sliced Cucumber
Snack - Cheese Stick
Dinner - Shrimp in Butter Sauce and a Salad with Italian Dressing
Dessert - A couple spoons of Whip Cream

Keep in mind - I am SUPPOSED to be induction, which means - some of these foods are not acceptable. The Whip Cream, most likely not. But Hey - I just had to.

For me, this isn't about being perfect every day, it's about making a difference in my eating style.

Until Next time - Be Kind, Show Love, && Enjoy Life.
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