Sunday, November 22, 2015

one: weigh less than my husband.

Goal Number One // Weigh Less than my Husband.

Yes. I weigh more than my husband and I hate it. My first goal will be to weigh less than him.

His Current Weight: 223 pounds
My Current Weight: 253 pounds

Total Loss Needed: 30 pounds

Smaller goals are better, because I will have something to celebrate much sooner. Of course, my ultimate goal weight is much less {about 80 pounds less}. That will take a very long time to achieve & I think it's best to have something to accomplish and celebrate every few months. How else will I keep myself moving forward?

So - I made a plan, Kind of. My first step will be to cut out bread. No bread what-so-ever. This is my first small step - which for me, may be the hardest one of all. Let's just rip the bandaid off. I eat bread daily - Burgers, fried chicken wings, chicken nuggets, etc. Let's be honest, bread is everywhere. I don't even know if I can eat a burger and enjoy it without bread. I don't think I will, for a while.

However, I am trying to convince my mind that carbs, like bread, are an addiction. How can I be angry with my brother for smoking when I can't even give up bread. There is no need for bread in my system. It just hurts my health - just like cigarettes. If I can truly believe this, I think it's possible. However, much like cigarettes, carbs are addicting. I crave them. I think about them. I WANT them. I don't NEED them. Much like quitting an addiction, it will get easier with time. One day, I won't even crave them anymore. I will not have to starve in order to cut out bread.

Step one - cut out bread.  I will be making this change after Thanksgiving.

Remember: True happiness isn't about what you look like - it's about how you feel.

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Losing pounds, not starving


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