Saturday, November 21, 2015

This is just the beginning...

Hello - Today, I am starting this blog as an outlet. I want to share my thoughts, my mishaps, my successes, and everything in between.

Let's get something straight. I don't usually care what people think of me, but I am also a huge overachiever & am my own worse enemy. I am not happy with myself - therefore I can't expect others to be proud either. Therefore, as of today - I won't be sharing my name or any way for readers to know who I am. However - everything I say will be true. Everything will be me. I want to be as honest as I can, which means I may not be proud of the mistakes I make or have made.

At this time - I would rather not share these things with people I know as myself. Let's be honest, the people close to you will always judge you the most - most often because they have high expectations and they should. We can all be better than we are, in some way.

So - what's my problem? What am I so unhappy about? Well, if you haven't guessed by the title of my blog; I am very unhappy with my health. I am severely overweight (classified as obese). Now, don't get me wrong, as a person I am incredibly happy. My life is great. I have an amazing family, loving husband, and a wonderful job. I am very happy in life. There is just one thing I want to change. If you ask me, that's pretty great.

This is something that I consistently lose control over. I have gained over 100 pounds in about 8 years. I am 27 years old - and didn't start gaining the weight until I was about 19 years old. I was fairly normal when I was younger, maybe chubby - but not overweight.

I now weigh about 255 pounds and I am only 5'2. It's not something I share with anyone - but since I am choosing to remain anonymous, I can share.

I say this is just the beginning because I will be making small steps to a greater me and I can promise, I will not be starving along the way. You see, I have bought into the whole low-carb thing. I truly believe that carbs are what make us fat.

I read the book, Why We Get Fat, and What to do about it, by Gary Taubes, and fell into awe. Basically, he tells us how and why carbs play a huge role in the kind of fat we burn. He talks about insulin levels and glucose, and the way it runs through our bodies. He backs up his words with years of research and basic common sense principles.

He talks about what a "Western Diet" is; and how we eat foods that aren't even common in third world countries. He describes cultures who are healthy and what they eat to stay that way. He even explains studies that show once healthy cultures becoming unhealthy and what foods were introduced into their diets to make them that way. They are always carbs.

Because of this book, I have purchased the Atkins, New You book. I am in the process of reading it and plan to make small changes, very small.

According to the low-carb diet, we can eat without starving ourselves. We don't have to count calories, we just eat certain foods. Dr. Taubes, makes an interesting correlation between carbs and cigarettes. Carbs do not play a vital role in our bodies, they are not important. However, they create an addiction. We crave carbs. We want carbs. We think about carbs. Just like cigarettes, we can give carbs up and it will be better for our health.

As the weeks go by, I will write more about the things I read and share them here on this blog. I will also be writing about the steps I am taking to become more healthy and the mishaps along the way. There will be plenty.

True happiness isn't about what you look like - it's about how you feel.

xo -
Losing pounds, not starving


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